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My blog posts have been fewer each month, It’s great to be a designer and actually make items but takes a lot of your time, not to mention all the videos and photos etc… None the less there are some items that i HAVE to blog. I got together with my Kes and we put together this outfits for this picture, then we had Blair and Niro to help us out and make it look even more epic with their presence.


Dress – 
Moon Elixir – Ragnarok – Maitreya 
Hood –
 Alchemy – Lion Hood unisex – White – RARE  
Stole – 
PFC~The Lion (F) – Snow  
Shoes –
 #EMPIRE – Astilbe – Maitreya ” 
– PFC~Lina – Bracer
Face paint – 
Arte – War Paint 
Necklace – 
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Necklace 
Bow – [EZ] Averndale
Hair – Exile::First Snow 
Body – 
Maitreya Mesh Body 
Skin – 
Glam Affair – Aurielia Applier ( Catwa ) Asia
Head –
Eyes – 
[Buzz] Celestial Eyes – Wolf 


Stole – PFC~The Lion (M) – Coal
Belt – 
PFC~Voodoo – skirt
Kilt – 
PFC~Acolyte – kilt 
Shoes – [NC] – SH Set – Boots – Black
Arm covers – 
PFC~Punk Arms 
Headpiece – 
EF: Kali Ma Headdress 
Sword – 
[EZ] The Sever. 
Quiver & Bow – [EZ] Averndale
Shield – 
EQ#Shield of Ar 
Head – CATWA HEAD Justin
Ears – 
Skin – 
L’Etre Skin Shop – Marcus Skin


Outfit – PFC~Lina 
Shoes – 
#EMPIRE – Astilbe – Maitreya
Armlet – 
PFC~Lina – Armlet 
Harness – [The Forge] Braided Hex Harness, Black
Headpiece – 
PH – Valkyrja – Headpiece Obsidian  
Sword – EQ#Sword of Ar
Eyes – 
L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#8] AquaEyes 
Hair – 
+Spellbound+ Malice // Chapter I : Earth 
Head – 
Body – 
Maitreya Mesh Body
Skin – 
Glam Affair – Calliope Applier ( Catwa ) America


Kilt – PFC~Jungle hula
Head piece – PFC~Inca Crown 
Arm covers – PFC~Iron arms 
Earrings – Noodles – Inca Earrings Gold 
Septum – Noodles – Inca Septum Gold 
Spear: [EZ] Osiris Spear, Black. 
Body – Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Head – 
Hair – Modulus – Brooklyn Hair 
Eyes – [Buzz] Celestial Eyes – Hazel 
Skin – 
L’Etre Skin Shop – Marcus Skin 



Throne – PFC~Imperium 
Shield – PFC~Leo shield
Spear – [EZ] Osiris Spear
Arch – PFC~Kamishikimi – Torii 
Lantern / Stairs – PFC~Kamishikimi

The End

Had to show some love to Jas , The Forge and MadPea! I love the post apocalyptic scenario, so a chain saw as a sword a shotgun and a necklace grenade fits perfectly together!

[KriosBlogs] The End.PNG


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Zombies are people too! Or used to be…


New SwagBag for September has been delivered! with an incredible selection of items!

Are you a Swagger?

Photo taken at The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior.

[KriosBlogs] Swag!.png


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Photo at: MadPea Lost treasure of the Inca Warrior

Blending In

[Jas] always makes incredible items. I love their work another amazing release for Fantasy Collective.

[Jas] Post 3k.png

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Experience The Thrill of SwagBag!

For all the guys out there, i had to reblog this!



Check out the first glimpse at what the actual SwagBag will look like when it’s delivered to you on the 1st August.

SwagBag is a new mystery box for men launching on 1st August and to get yours you need to have subscribed before that date at one of the kiosks around the grid!

Check out all the info about SwagBag

See which Designers are taking part

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Hammer Time!

New post here! Lately I have been very busy, but its nice to take a break and do a blog post!  [KriosBlogs] Hammer time small.png

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Red Eyes

I am lucky to represent so many good brands. So much so that sometimes I struggle with what to showcase, cause I want to show it all! BackBone,  TheForge and PFC are some of my favorite brands.

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Let’s Travel

So i decided to make a small post to let you guys know about this amazing set of items from BlackJack.


The building is awesome to have in your sim, and the detail in the frames and what not, you can actually read the cards. Ioved it.

Visit the store BlackJack and get to know more about it and their amazing items, i featured a few of their creations in the past. Take a look:


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