Let’s Travel

So i decided to make a small post to let you guys know about this amazing set of items from BlackJack.


The building is awesome to have in your sim, and the detail in the frames and what not, you can actually read the cards. Ioved it.

Visit the store BlackJack and get to know more about it and their amazing items, i featured a few of their creations in the past. Take a look:


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Gone Fishing!

Guys this set from MadPea is awesome! Fishermans / Survivalist set, and to add to it, there is a fish that SINGS! Yes a singing fish that also dances!MadKrios.png

What you see:



“We got fish for supper!” 

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“Here is a video I recorded featuring the MadPea crew and MadMarlin”

The Forge!

Proud to say I represent The Forge / EzWeapons.

During my years as a active RPer I always completed my attire with items from The Forge, to actually become a member of their blogger list is an honor.

TheForge KriosBlogs.jpg

What i am wearing:

Forge Logo Black 512 copy