Still in love with the Bike gacha from Flecha Creations!

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In this photo you see:



I made a video showcasing this bike and some other items of this set, take a look:

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Are you Mad Pea?

I was lucky enough to have my Kes to invite me to a private party with the Mad Pea crew and the place looked so amazing I decided to make a video for it. The guys from Mad Pea saw it and apparently they liked it! So much so that I was invited to join the blogger list. And boy oh boy I was excited! To celebrate my first post I am blogging something mad, this items will be available at The Arcade  – MadPea “Why So Mad?”.

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What i am wearing:



The party was amazing and in it, there is also another set of items that will be available at  The Arcade.



Arrows and Flechas

Flecha Creations picked me as a blogger! I am super excited about it, and the best way to celebrate it is by showcasing their items! I am wearing something really nice that I put together to somehow match the background. The best way to show this products is of course in a video that you can check below.

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The scenario:

What I am wearing:




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Masa Plympton from Deadwool, added a grey scale to the set for the undercut hair and beard. I have always been a huge fan of this set, and many time i found myself sad about the fact that it did not have a grey scale, well… He heard us.

[[KriosBlogs]] Deadwool GreyScale.PNG






What i am wearing:





Photo was taken at Amatorum.

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Blogging has become part of what I do in SL, I have met the most amazing builders and content creators in here. My sponsors are amazing and I am so lucky to have been chosen by them. Featuring Catwa‘s most recent item Justin Mesh Head with L’Etre Skin “Ian”.

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What i am wearing:




I made a Vlog featuring this mesh head, please take a look! 🙂


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Still super excited to have become a blogger for Catwa! Featuring my new head on this post. I absolutely love it.

[[KriosBlogs]] Waits

What i am wearing:


[[KriosBlogs]] Waits - Details

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I am super excited to tell you guys that I became an official blogger for Catwa. The ones that follow me and know my work also know that I love my Catwa head. This picture has no edits to it, no photoshop or touch-ups, its purely the head in all its expressions and the add-ons that i love the most on it.

[[KriosBlogs]] Justin Mesh Head.JPG



I am super proud to represent Catwa, again I love this head, the fat pack contains all the save slots and expressions you could imagine, I will soon do a video going over them but here is how it looks:






What i am wearing:



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The Arena

{Jas} has a new collar and bracers/cuffs out @ The Fantasy Collective that will be open to public on the 22 of May. I am also featuring another exclusive item, my hair! Its from *Drot*, I love his work, and after a chat with the creator I found out he is extremely nice! *Drot* Odin hair is available @ Men Only Monthly.

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What i am wearing:


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Genre is all about sports this round and we got this boards and poses from [ evoLove ]. Making another appearance on my blog is my wife Kes, I always love to work with her. 

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What I am wearing: 







What Kes is wearing:




Photo done by Kess


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{Jas} has a new bracelet out. Looks amazing and of course I had to blog it. This item is available at .Whimsical. 

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What i am wearing:


The bracelet comes in 4 colors Gold, represented on my picture above and this other 3:

[[KriosBlogs]] Jas Bracelet - Detail 2.jpg

Copper                                                Dark Gold                                               Silver


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