Got this kilt at Secret Affair, and thought to myself, i should be able to make an outfit with it. So of course, i would use PFC for the boots, and weapons, the shield i have edited the texture, cause PFC is amazing and allows us to mod, so really just drag and drop new texture.

What am i wearing:

Kilt: [SWaGGa] OutWorlder Wrap – Store

Boots / Shield / Weapons: PFC – Store

Bracers: . a i s l i n g . Fangarth-Bracer-L /SILVER/ Store

Rope: RO – Salem – Silk Store (I don’t think they are still selling this item.)

Hair: Boon – Two hairs combined –  Store

Something to hear.

Some Music

Thank you all for your support.



So i tried a few times and got one rare at FGC!!! So it inspired me to make this outfit.

It got me thinking, i can spend 10k trying to get the crown rare, or i can make something with all my PFC stuff. And well i did it.

Anyways here is what i am wearing:


Mantle: FGC – Alchemy – The Shaman – Bore Tusk Mantle – Leopard  RARE

Necklace / chin peace: Alchemy – Ritual

Earring: Mandala

Pants: *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants

Gloves and Boots: PFC~Fur gloves / PFC~Furboot

Belt / addons to the boots: PFC~Voodoo outfit, edited by me.

Weapons: PFC

Panther: Alchemy – The Huntress –  Leopard  / The Secret Affair


Yep FGC. To be honest i am starting to get a lil tired of all the gatchas and what not… But oh well its PFC. I had to get it.


Body armor : PFC~Akuma – Gatcha

Pants: Soh!Men – Baggy and Socks


Weapons: PFC


Sandals: [The Forge] Cloth Sandal

So i have been away, some issues with my RL… None the less, I made this outfit a few weeks ago, and i really enjoy it. I think it has a nice balance to it.

Of course i have 90% of PFC. I just Love it.

  • Weapons: PFC
  • Crown: .Eldritch.  Fiacaill Crown
  • Pipe: PFC~Short smoking pipe
  • Wold Head: Alchemy – Winter is coming
  • Gloves: PFC Iron Arms
  • Boots: PFC~Furboot
  • Pants: PFC~Thrall – pants
  • Abdomen belt: DPD – Abdomen Belt II
  • Necklace: [MANDALA]
  • Shoulder Armour: [The Forge] Harvest Armour