Hey guys! This is a special post of purely PFC amazingness!  Thanks Pucca Firecaster for giving me this brilliant outfit to show you all.  It’s the blood crown and freedom outfit from the upcoming We (heart) RP event! Thanks to Black Larl (Solanei Resident) for being the badass panther who stole my heart and freedom in this post.

Find PFC here, or in the MP!

I am wearing:

PFC : FREEDOM – Coming soon at WE ❤ RP


She is wearing:

Shoulders : PFC – The Hunter – Cerberus RARE

Middle : PFC – NinjaStuffs – Lethal Ribs

Bottom : PFC – Wild – Loincloth
PFC – Voodoo (with the cloth hidden)

Arms and legs : PFC – Wild

Weapons : PFC – Forest Scourge
PFC – The Ripper


Song Suggested by Miss Queiroz, Kestrel.


“Going to make a Pani outfit!!! And you going to find it HOT!” She said to me… So we did, made a Pani outfit, and guess what? It is hot. *Laughs*


What am i wearing:

Hat / Right Upper Arm / Left Fore Arm / Sandals: ::EQ:: Pani Jingasa

Mask / Shoulder / Legs: PFC~Akuma Set Gacha

Pants / Weapons: PFC

Nose Band: =Kio= Abandoned – Connections – Black

Pipe: [Tia] Smoker Pipe to Lips

Shield: -{ AEGIS }- “Lethal Words” 



What she is wearing:

Hair: Truth – Maisy

Top shirt: Dead dolls – Kunoichi black

Undershirt: Autopsy – Combi Daiia Black

Hand: Nana – Hand tape gloves

Feet: Fri. aisling wraps.

MakeUp: Aii – Geisha Kiss red

NeckLace: L & B – Braided chinese coin necklace

Nose Band: KIO – Abandoned – connections black

Hair Sticks: Mays soul – Loto hair sticks

Coin in hand: BBB – Gold warrior coin Rare

Armour: PFC – akuma bracers & greaves.

Weapons: PFC

Shield: KIO – Asian Shield


So my baby girl suggested this song for us