Lil Adventure!

I have a great post for you guys today, I got my hands on the Vagabond
set from PFC that will be available for all of
you on the First of March at “The Arcade”.
The moment I saw this Item I had a pretty clear idea that I want to
make it dark so the lamp would be casting light and we could use the
chest to sit on it. Kes and I  shared ideas and we
came up with this “Are we there yet” type theme based on the
items we have, both vagabonds jumping from town to town and filling
that special chest with goodies.

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The Vagabond Gacha set includes:

  • The Rare Chest, that works as a companion, it follows you and his lil legs move!!
  • The Hobo Stick, in which you can see some fruits and vegetables.
  • The Wine skin, amazing for many RP situations, works as a belt!
  • The Compass and Lantern, both very well done.
  • BnB
    backpack, one of my favourite items of this set its super dynamic and
    opens the RP possibilities.
  • The
    Hat! Tilt it down slightly to cover your eyes and give extra suspense
    to your character.


sfAs always it was a pleasure working on this picture. The items we choose
to make this work transported us to the scene, then we add some magic
with Photoshop and its done.


two poses you see in this picture were custom made by my wife Kestrel.  She is always very patient with me, gives a bunch of ideas and went
to PFC on purpose to buy the Rogue outfit just for this photo ❤ !
Keep in mind that both the Lantern and the Hobo Stick, animate your



We are both featuring other items, all from PFC.


  • Pan Pants
  • Core Blades, Sword and Spear
  • The sandals from the Champion set – Caligae
  • Smoking pipe



  • Pan Pants
  • The top from the set Rogue
  • Wrap of Arrows – Gacha
  • Furboots


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Following the theme of the picture here goes my soundtrack while i was editing. 

My Heart

Valentines is coming, and with it, me and my wife decided to make something special with it. The picture tells the story on its own, but you guys are here for the items. So i saw RO – REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION sending out this new amazing item. Of course as it has been happening for a very long time, i had to feature it somehow. The heart comes in two ways, one you can wear as a necklace and another that you can add to your hand as if grabbing it. The heart also pulses, again, its really well done.

My wife Kes actually build the background on this one, we used several items that fit it perfectly.

Featured in the room is:

– [TIA] – The Brazier, the bow rack and the bed.

– [Shade] – The cross

– *AF* – The Capturado Utility Shelf

– CARGO –  The room is, Lair: Room

– LISP Bazaar – Woodcutter Wall Rug


As always, Kes made the poses for this picture, this pose is not featured in the bed. And as per her suggestion here is our Theme song


So i went to the new TMD and found this outfit from Gabriel.

I really enjoyed this combo, really well done, very Vintagy, the boots come with the pants, and well, the entire outfit is really good. I have been a fan of ::GB:: for a long time, i seriously recommend it!


The chair featured is from Stockholm&Lima Pretty good animations and really detailed on the texture, I loved it!


My hair is from Tableau Vivant also in TMD. I usually use short hair, but my lady seems to have enjoyed it way too much for me not to buy it!




The poses of the girls were custom made by my wife Kestrel Kerioz. And as per her suggestion here is my theme song for this outfit.


Today i became official blogger for {JAS} Just A Store.

And of course i would have to post something new and exciting for all of you out there!

In this photo i am featuring the amazing Item {JAS} Hold Me, that will be available at the next We ❤ RP on the FEB 4th. A very well done set of rings and hand cuff.

Male and female version, all rings are editable, and hideable. Comes in 3 different colors, black, gold and silver.


I am also featuring The Explorer items, that you can find at {JAS}.





I am also wearing the Duster Coat and Lahood Pants from DeadWool


The pose on this picture was custom made by my wife Kestrel Kerioz. And as per her suggestion here is my theme song for this outfit.