So i was bored last night and Layla gave me this links to this events… So i went and spent some Linden :S

Wepons: PFC – Pucca the best! I can edit the shield and made my own logo for it.

Pants: [ ExcellencE ] Pants_Kazachek_

Shirt: Deadwool

Arm brace: >glYph< Aldariel Bracer

Arm Bracelets: NOMAD –

Cheast plate: FDD Stories *Donovan of Arena* Brown Breastplate RARE – The Arena Event

Fur over shoulder: PFC~Northern Cape – EDITED

Crown: RO – Beorn Crown


So i was able to…. get some of the items from The Arena Even!

I have to admit, amazing work there.  All the extra items i am wearing you can find there. The rest i have already featured on my other posts! 

Thanks all for passing by! ❤