World of Gor

Its been a while since me and Kes explored Gor, it was a fun experience to go back to it after so long and of course we had to make an outfit to match our needs.



Photos done by Kestrel

PFC is my to go brand when we are talking about medieval attire and tribal. They always have the best items for this.

POSE: Custom pose by { Soar }


Kes is wearing:







Krios is wearing:










Dark Alley

Coming soon to the April edition of We ❤ RP Jas has released a new amazing bracelet! Comes in three different colors, gold, silver and black.


[[KriosBlogs]] Dark Alley.PNG

I am wearing:


[[KriosBlogs]] Dark Alley - Detail.PNG


{Jas} Alena – 4th of April at We ❤ RP

{JAS} Alena - Black - Vendor.png


The background of this photo is at R3volt, an amazing store surrounded by an amazing environment.

[[KriosBlogs]] Dark Alley Closer.JPG

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The Secret Affair has some very nice RP items! I really enjoyed making this outfit and working on this picture as well. 

[[KriosPictures]] Jump

I am wearing:


[[KriosPictures]] Jump - Set


[[KriosPictures]] Jump Shout


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The end of winter, a cold goodbye!
Showing again how you can change an outfit to better fit your needs, in this case i am wearing the Lina set from Pucca, originally made for female, but of course you can always make the changes needed to better fit your avatar.

[[KriosPictures]] Snow

I am wearing:


[[KriosPictures]] Snow - Face

[[KriosPictures]] Snow - Chest[[KriosPictures]] Snow - Arm[[KriosPictures]] Snow - Arm 2[[KriosPictures]] Snow  - Show


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Jas Bracelet

I got my hands on this amazing new item from Jas, that will be available at the Fantasy Collective on the 22nd of March.

[[KriosPictures]] Jas Bracelet - Profile - TABS - Full

I was struggling what to wear but then i thought, wait a minute… And well i did not wear much! Still i have a few items that deserve to be mentioned.


Hair: taketomi – Shin

Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard

Ears: MANDALA – Taper Ears

Eyes: [Buzz] Eyes (Store moving location)

Body: TMP – The Mesh Project

Head: Catwa – Jackson


The Jas Bracelet looks amazing!


[[KriosPictures]] Jas Bracelet - Advert 2


Love this head and its possibilities. In love with Catwa Items.

[[KriosPictures]] Jas Bracelet - Profile








PFC’s Wood Camp

Please watch my Youtube video so that you can fully appreciate this post.


A lot of effort and time dedicated to this. The huts and some of the items featured here are available at The Secret Affair.

[[KriosPictures]] PFC's Wood Camp

Thank you PFC for once more inspire me to come up with a crazy idea to feature an entire set of buildings. And thank you Kestrel, my wife, for helping me building and creating a story for this, supporting further my crazy idea of making a video.

[[KriosPictures]] PFC's Wood Camp - ShowCase









Here’s the full credit list for all the creators we used in making the village:


Here follows a full list of the items used in the scenery for this project:

  • Studio Skye – Enchanted woods
  • Studio Skye – Twisted tree
  • Studio Skye – Oak tree
  • Studio Skye – Alligator Apple bush.
  • Heart – Grass patch.
  • Heart – Mesh boulder.
  • Botanical – Wood fern.
  • HPMD* Sweet garden grass ivy.
  • HPMD* Garden Vines.
  • 3d Trees – Forest accessories kit. (Ferns, ground.)
  • [DDD] Draping Ivy.
  • BAD Eddy’s – Hiding log.

Outside scenery:

  • PFC~Woods’ camp – platform (used for the goat pen too)
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – shoring
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – shelter
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – teepee
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – hut 1 & 2
  • PFC~Flag – Viking
  • PFC~Bosk Cart
  • PFC~Box o’ bones
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – fire
  • JIAN – Chester the Goats.
  • Bad Eddy’s – Hiding water barrel.
  • Bad Eddy’s – Display poles.
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Tannery Rack.
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots 2.
  • 8f8 – New beginnings – Hen set.
  • [Tia] Dungeon fires – Tall braziers
  • *AF* Renaissance Fur Rug
  • {RW} Fletching Arrows Work Set [with Bow]
  • +Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F
  • PFC~Hot Barrel
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots

Building one:

  • [Shade] Primal Furs
  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
  • [Tia] Ranged Weapons Rearmer
  • [Tia] Scavengers Oven
  • . a i s l i n g . Grid Couch
  • .a i s l i n g. Ron Frame
  • .a i s l i n g. Barrels
  • Kei’s Making Soup Chore
  • [DDD] Little Log Pile

Building two:

  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
  • PFC~The Crate
  • PFC~Hot Barrel

Building three:

  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier
  • Dutchie Gorean furs
  • [Tia] Bear floor rugs
  • PFC~Hunter’s rest
  • Stockholm&Lima: The Talisman Throne
  • Stockholm&Lima: The Spellbound Settee

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Credits also to :

  • Catwa – both Krios and I are using her amazing mesh heads.
  • TWI – The dogs and eagle are both their amazing avatars.
  • Maitreya, Slink & TMP – for the hands, feet and bodies shown.
  • [MANDALA] – For our epic ears.
    Thank you all.

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