From The North

To celebrate my most recent sponsor, I decided to build an entire scenario with most of their Items. I am talking about PPK – Items for roleplay. The Decor was all by Kes, and together we made the story line for this video.

[[KriosBlogs]] PPK Item Showcase.PNG



What I am wearing:


Kes is wearing:



[[KriosBlogs]] PPK Item Showcase - Kes Style 02.PNG


The items in the video that are not mentioned bellow are from PPK. The bedroom set, the kitchen, the bathhouse and some of the items outside. 

Here is the list of other brands we used to decorate the scenario we build:

A special thanks to Kes that always help me with this crazy ideas. Also PuertoKar the creator of PPK, for sending me all I needed from his store to make this video.

Also a special thanks to ElieBoo and Silent for starring in the video with us!

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