PFC’s Wood Camp

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A lot of effort and time dedicated to this. The huts and some of the items featured here are available at The Secret Affair.

[[KriosPictures]] PFC's Wood Camp

Thank you PFC for once more inspire me to come up with a crazy idea to feature an entire set of buildings. And thank you Kestrel, my wife, for helping me building and creating a story for this, supporting further my crazy idea of making a video.

[[KriosPictures]] PFC's Wood Camp - ShowCase









Here’s the full credit list for all the creators we used in making the village:


Here follows a full list of the items used in the scenery for this project:

  • Studio Skye – Enchanted woods
  • Studio Skye – Twisted tree
  • Studio Skye – Oak tree
  • Studio Skye – Alligator Apple bush.
  • Heart – Grass patch.
  • Heart – Mesh boulder.
  • Botanical – Wood fern.
  • HPMD* Sweet garden grass ivy.
  • HPMD* Garden Vines.
  • 3d Trees – Forest accessories kit. (Ferns, ground.)
  • [DDD] Draping Ivy.
  • BAD Eddy’s – Hiding log.

Outside scenery:

  • PFC~Woods’ camp – platform (used for the goat pen too)
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – shoring
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – shelter
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – teepee
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – hut 1 & 2
  • PFC~Flag – Viking
  • PFC~Bosk Cart
  • PFC~Box o’ bones
  • PFC~Woods’ camp – fire
  • JIAN – Chester the Goats.
  • Bad Eddy’s – Hiding water barrel.
  • Bad Eddy’s – Display poles.
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Tannery Rack.
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots 2.
  • 8f8 – New beginnings – Hen set.
  • [Tia] Dungeon fires – Tall braziers
  • *AF* Renaissance Fur Rug
  • {RW} Fletching Arrows Work Set [with Bow]
  • +Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F
  • PFC~Hot Barrel
  • *AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots

Building one:

  • [Shade] Primal Furs
  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
  • [Tia] Ranged Weapons Rearmer
  • [Tia] Scavengers Oven
  • . a i s l i n g . Grid Couch
  • .a i s l i n g. Ron Frame
  • .a i s l i n g. Barrels
  • Kei’s Making Soup Chore
  • [DDD] Little Log Pile

Building two:

  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
  • PFC~The Crate
  • PFC~Hot Barrel

Building three:

  • [Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier
  • Dutchie Gorean furs
  • [Tia] Bear floor rugs
  • PFC~Hunter’s rest
  • Stockholm&Lima: The Talisman Throne
  • Stockholm&Lima: The Spellbound Settee

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Credits also to :

  • Catwa – both Krios and I are using her amazing mesh heads.
  • TWI – The dogs and eagle are both their amazing avatars.
  • Maitreya, Slink & TMP – for the hands, feet and bodies shown.
  • [MANDALA] – For our epic ears.
    Thank you all.

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