My Heart

Valentines is coming, and with it, me and my wife decided to make something special with it. The picture tells the story on its own, but you guys are here for the items. So i saw RO – REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION sending out this new amazing item. Of course as it has been happening for a very long time, i had to feature it somehow. The heart comes in two ways, one you can wear as a necklace and another that you can add to your hand as if grabbing it. The heart also pulses, again, its really well done.

My wife Kes actually build the background on this one, we used several items that fit it perfectly.

Featured in the room is:

– [TIA] – The Brazier, the bow rack and the bed.

– [Shade] – The cross

– *AF* – The Capturado Utility Shelf

– CARGO –  The room is, Lair: Room

– LISP Bazaar – Woodcutter Wall Rug


As always, Kes made the poses for this picture, this pose is not featured in the bed. And as per her suggestion here is our Theme song


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