“Going to make a Pani outfit!!! And you going to find it HOT!” She said to me… So we did, made a Pani outfit, and guess what? It is hot. *Laughs*


What am i wearing:

Hat / Right Upper Arm / Left Fore Arm / Sandals: ::EQ:: Pani Jingasa

Mask / Shoulder / Legs: PFC~Akuma Set Gacha

Pants / Weapons: PFC

Nose Band: =Kio= Abandoned – Connections – Black

Pipe: [Tia] Smoker Pipe to Lips

Shield: -{ AEGIS }- “Lethal Words” 



What she is wearing:

Hair: Truth – Maisy

Top shirt: Dead dolls – Kunoichi black

Undershirt: Autopsy – Combi Daiia Black

Hand: Nana – Hand tape gloves

Feet: Fri. aisling wraps.

MakeUp: Aii – Geisha Kiss red

NeckLace: L & B – Braided chinese coin necklace

Nose Band: KIO – Abandoned – connections black

Hair Sticks: Mays soul – Loto hair sticks

Coin in hand: BBB – Gold warrior coin Rare

Armour: PFC – akuma bracers & greaves.

Weapons: PFC

Shield: KIO – Asian Shield


So my baby girl suggested this song for us


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