Wild Native

So I have been told that I have way too many outfits, and well, to be fair, I do. So I decided with the help of my good friend Koen to start blog. We will post regularly, probably every week, I have yet to talk with any brands or store owners, so all my outfits are sponsored by myself. Thanks!

Anyway, this outfit is mainly from PFC, and guys, I will admit this is one of my favourite stores. Not just because of their content, but also because allows you to edit colours, textures, select faces, and besides all that, you usually have a HUD to change to a whole different colour scheme and textures.

Skin: TheShops

Hair: eXxEsS

Body / Shape: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe  / / My own Shape.

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo / http://www.letistattoo.com

PFC – MP: http://goo.gl/xypYwY

Boots / Pants / Shield / Gloves / Upper Arm / Chain Necklace / Pipe

Belt:  [The Forge] Arwen’s Belt, Male (Black)

Ears:  [MANDALA]

Crown and Glaive: .Eldritch. MP: http://goo.gl/TOf1T5

Bow: Primus Maven Bow

Axe: LR Huizache Axe

– Little Music – 

Hozier – Take me to Church




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